(formerly Miniature Australian Shepherds)

Karma Miniature Australian Shepherds
Pet Contract/ Health Guarantee
Purchase Agreement

I Megan Coste, the breeder/owner of the said puppy (described below), hereafter ”breeder”, do enter into an agreement with

______________________________________________ hereafter “Buyer for the purpose of transferring ownership of said puppy.

This is to certify the Miniature Australian Shepherd Puppy described as:


DOB: _______________

Sex: ___ Male ____ Female

Coat Color: ____ Black ____ Red ____ Blue Merle ____ Red Merle

Trim Color: ____ White ____ Copper

Eye Color ________ Right ________ Left

Tail: Natural____ Docked ____ Natural Docked ____

Hereinafter referred to as `puppy' was sold to:

Name: ___________________________________________________________


City: ___________________________________________________________

Province: _______________________________________________________

Postal Code: ____________________________________________________

Phone Number: ___________________________________________________

E-mail: _________________________________________________________

Payment method:__________ Deposit:__________ Balance Due:___________

This puppy is sold as Pet Quality and must be spayed or neutered by the age of eight months. Neutering no later then 10 months of age. failure to provide proof of altering will result in forfeit of health guarantees

The puppy is being sold for the $ __________, All funds must be received and cleared 10 days prior to pickup or delivery of puppy.

Terms and Agreement

1. The puppy is guaranteed to be in good health and free of known contagious disease upon leaving our home. If within 72 hours the puppy is found not to be in good health,( other then worms, diarrhea from change in environment, change of food, or travel stress, ect.) the Breeder agrees to A: refund the full purchase price of the dog as long as a letter from an examining veterinarian is provided to the breeder and the puppy is returned within 7 days at the Buyers expense after leaving Breeders home. B: keep said puppy, the breeder assumes all cost for its care provided it is determined the puppy contracted the said illness at Breeders residence. This provision expires within 72 hours after the Buyer takes possession of the puppy.

2. The Breeder guarantees the puppy to be free of genetic defects, including eye disease, hip dysphasia, and heart disease until the age of 24 months. Breeder will replace or offer a partial refund not to exceed one half of the purchase price, with the written and sighed statement from (2) veterinarians from different clinics certifying that said puppy is suffering from one of the following: Failure to receive a passing rating n hips from the Orthopaedic Foundation for Animals (OFA), failure to receive a normal reading from the Canine Eye Registration Foundation (CERF). Additional debilitating conditions due to genetic health problems must be discovered no later than 24 months. The Breeder has the right to, at any time to stop breeding. In this case a replacement puppy cannot be given then partial refund from the purchase of said puppy will be awarded to the Buyer. The Breeder makes no guarantees regarding the loss of the puppy due to accidental death, theft, sickness due to lack of vaccination ,etc.

3. If at any time in the life of the dog the buyer is unable to keep this dog, seller requests the the buyer contact breeder and requests the right of first refusal. If breeder chooses not to exercise this right of first refusal, breeder will assist buyer in finding a new home for the dog. There will be no charge for board or care until dog is re-homed, but it is the buyers responsibility to get the dog to breeder. If buyer finds a new home for the dog, buyer agrees to provide breeder with the name, address and phone number for the new owners. Karma Miniature Australian Shepherds takes lifetime responsibility for any puppy or dog it has produced. There is no reason at any time that a Karma puppy should ever end up in a pound or rescue situation!!.

4. The Buyer agrees; Buyer certifies , by signing this agreement, that said puppy will live with the buyer and this puppy will be given proper shelter and housed securely. Puppy will receive proper nutrition and exercise.

5. Purchaser is aware that all deposits are non-refundable for any reason.

6.Breeder and buyer agree that this agreement will be governed by the law of the province of British Columbia, and if either party is forced to take legal action to enforce any part of this contract, action shall be initiated in the Province of breeders residence only. Any legal fees and court costs shall be the responsibility of the party found to be in default.

7. The sales contract is non- transferable. Should the buyer relinquish ownership in the DOG, for any reason, this sales contract shall be null and void.

The undersigned agrees to uphold all covenants of this agreements as of _____________

Buyers full name :__________________ Signature _________________

Breeders Signature ______________________ Date:____________

Address:_RR5 Site 51 Comp 7 Oliver BC V0H 1T0
Phone # (250) 498-5526
E-mail willowbrook_aussies@yahoo.com


351 Jones Way, Oliver BC V0H 1T5 _ (250) 498 - 5526 _ karmaminiamericanshepherds@telus.net